A vote for change

One thing that’s clear about the Scottish referendum results is that everyone who voted (yes or no) has voted for change.

The vote, and the campaign that led up to it, has sent a great signal that people are sick and tired of a Westminster system which has led to governments, both past and present, creating one of the most centralised countries in the world.  As a result, we must change the way we talk about politics in this country.  I have been campaigning against the Barnett Formula since I became leader of Liverpool four years ago and saw for myself the critical unfairness in the funding system for local government.

Kensington in Liverpool is very, very, different to Kensington in London, but not only does Government want to treat them the same, it doesn’t give local authorities the money or powers to help us close the gap.

I hope this result bursts the “Westminster Bubble” and all political parties understand the need to build a new relationship between people in our nations, regions and cities and the institutions that provide services on their behalf, with a fair system for the future.