Finch Farm training ground: they shoot, they score

I’m a big football fan.

But when it comes to making money for the city then I’m colour blind. I look at the colour of the money not the strip.

Just last week, we announced that we bought Finch Farm training ground. We’ve rented it to Everton.

This was not a decision based on football.

The only goal I’m interested in is securing a better return for our cash than we’d have got in the bank.

But more importantly, it’s a good investment for the city.

The return we get will be used to pay for services.

Everton may or may not score but it’s the city that wins here.

Everton retain a long-term lease on the site and the new rental arrangement secures a reduced annual rental cost to the Club and an attractive commercial return for the Council.

Over the lifetime of this arrangement we will score big time.

It’s another deal like our new Exhibition Centre. These are innovative ways of making investments that allow us to get a better return for council tax payers.

It’s a good deal: it’s been independently valued and verified.

This is a win-win for the club and the council. It’s not every day you get that score in Liverpool.


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